Kim Hyun-soo, who was honest, and Doosan Jun-Shoo, the batting king-Yangji-related inside the Korean Peninsula.

(อ่าน 315/ ตอบ 0)


Kim Hyun-soo (31), who became the captain of the LG Twins, was honest. 

At a press conference at Jamsil Stadium on Tuesday, Kim expressed his determination and feelings as LG's new president. "There is no change in setting up a theme or goal as captain," Kim said on the day, adding, "Since I am not an old player for the team, I will have 안전놀이터추천 to adapt and players will need to adapt." 

In particular, Kim expressed his candid feelings about LG's performance against Doosan last season. LG recorded a devastating record with Doosan in the 2018 season with one win and 15 losses. A team that uses a single field, which will hurt its pride in many times. It also disappointed many LG fans due to its strong loss.

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